25 Noteworthy Resources for Sustainability from the Web

25 Noteworthy Resources for Sustainability from the Web

We all know that the Earth is in trouble. Sustainability has become a major issue, with every facet of modern life affected by environmental problems. As we learn more about how our behavior is harming the planet, we are creating new ways to educate ourselves and innovate for sustainable development. This list features 25 noteworthy resources on sustainability from around the web.

Best Sustainability Resources

Green Living Resource

1 Green Living

Green Living magazine is a leading authority in the fields of environmental issues and sustainable living. Here you’ll find tips, advice, service coverage, and investigative pieces on related topics. Start exploring their online marketplace for some incredible examples of green products that are easy to buy!

2 Zero Waste Home

This site, Zero Waste Home, provides a list of topics that include: sustainable product reviews, a free bulk finder to locate package-free retail and food locations, event schedules for its ongoing programs. Featured products include eco-friendly cleaning supplies and healthy home products.

3 Earth911

Earth911, a green living blog, and forum is an excellent source of topics related to sustainability. Simply search for what you need in the categories if you’re looking for tips on being more sustainable, updates about environmental news or want to interact with like-minded people that care.

4 EcoFriend

EcoFriend is a collection of sites with a community forum. From transportation to food, they explore the ways we can all be more sustainable in our everyday lives. The sites are great for eco-friendly tech news as well, and you’ll find resources on sustainability.


An environmental blog since 2006, Inhabitat tackles a range of issues, from architecture and design to green living. The modernist ideology at the forefront aims for form as well as function in hindsight of sustainability.

6 Going Zero Waste

This blog, Going Zero Waste, is a comprehensive community for those interested in living sustainably. It was created by an activist environmentalist and offers valuable information about how to reduce one’s carbon footprint, be environmentally friendly, and live more simply.

The Center for Sustainability at Cal Lutheran University has partnered with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to catalyze sustainability.

7 Earth Easy

This extensive site, Earth Easy, chronicles everything from the greening of gardens to living off the grid. They specialize in eco-friendly sustainability and have an E-commerce store, offering a range of products.

8 Recycle Coach

Recycle Coach is a blog that makes recycling easy for everyone. Recycle Coach aims to make recycling easier by giving you the best advice and answering your questions on the process.

9 EcoWatch

A news and information site that connects the most urgent environmental stories with over one million readers each month, EcoWatch covers everything from climate change and pollution to wildlife conservation and green technology innovations. They are committed to telling these important stories in ways that are engaging, accessible, accurate, clear—and entertaining. This website has great content on sustainability-related topics like the environmental impacts of plastic water bottles or sustainable living tips for college students who live off-campus (i.e., using things you already have around your house).

10 Energy Star

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers tips on its Energy Star blog, for buying energy-efficient electronics, lowering your home’s cost of electricity, and saving money on fuel costs, as well as information about green transportation and alternatives to car ownership.

11 Ecology Center

Ecology Center is a nonprofit environmental education center that offers hands-on learning opportunities for families and children, as well as adults. The Ecology Center has been teaching sustainable living to residents of Southeastern Wisconsin since 1970.

12 EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers a wide range of resources about environmental sustainability, including those that pertain to air quality and climate change.

Environmental Data Center: Information on sustainable living in the U.S., with data provided by state and county agencies across all 50 states. Learn how your community is doing through interactive maps based on EPA’s national indicators for pollution prevention and public health protection – as well as see what needs improvement! Choose from more than 100 different indicators to explore topics such as ozone levels, drinking water violations, renewable energy use, or recycling rates.

Climate Change and Environmental News

13 Treehugger

This website, Treehugger, which has been reporting on sustainability for nearly fifteen years, covers a wide variety of topics including technology, transportation, and design. It is widely acknowledged as the leading source of green news and solutions.

14 Grist

Grist is an award-winning online environmental magazine and website that brings you solutions to the world’s most pressing sustainable development challenges. Sustainability is about solving today’s problems without compromising our future, and Grist offers a holistic look at how all of us can help create it in our homes, workplaces, communities – even as global citizens.

Grist publishes articles on food & agriculture; climate change; natural resources & energy; human rights & social justice; urbanism & architecture; transportation (& more).

15 Planet Policy by Brookings

Planet Policy connects potential policy stakeholders with research and ideas to solve the environmental challenge of climate change. They focus on topics such as oceans, food and agriculture, water resources, sustainable cities, or climate-smart urbanization.

Planet Policy has a weekly newsletter with the latest updates from Brookings Institution on these issues in their blog posts.

16 Environmental Working Group News

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a great resource for planet-minded practices with a solar mission. Be sure to check out their latest blog articles, op-eds, and press releases on what’s happening in our world today.

17 Environmental Health News

Environmental Health News (EHN) is a monthly magazine that delivers environmental and public health news. They publish stories on topics that range from climate change to chemical pollution, food systems to toxic metals.

18 NRDC Expert Blog

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is committed to protecting the earth. Through their blog on climate and sustainability, they share their efforts in safeguarding our planet. You’ll find expertise from policy experts and science professionals that are great resources for forward-looking content on sustainability solutions.

19 National Geographic

National Geographic is another great resource for environmental news and content. They publish stories on topics ranging from climate change to sustainable consumption, and they also offer a weekly e-newsletter called Sustainability Solutions that highlights solutions for environmental issues.

20 National Park Service

The National Park Service (NPS) is another great resource for environmental news. They offer their own blog on sustainability, Sustainability in the Parks, as well as providing conservation and research-driven solutions to the current challenges facing our environment.

21 Greentech Media

Greentech Media offers insight into and analysis of the global electric power sector. Articles, research, data, and more can be found that cover how the world generates, distributes, and consumes electricity.

22 CleanTechnica

CleanTechnica is a blog that covers all aspects of clean technology. They have an extensive list of articles on sustainable living, green building, energy efficiency, and more.

23 Science Daily

ScienceDaily is a daily publication with articles and commentary on the latest scientific discoveries. The Science Daily section for energy technology covers everything from computers to artificial intelligence and mathematics to astronomy.

24 Cleantech

On this blog, Cleantech, you’ll find articles on current initiatives and perspectives for creating a more sustainable future. It covers clean tech, energy, and the environment.


WHYY is another great resource for sustainability topics. They cover environmental reporting and the impacts of climate change, along with stories about renewable energy sources, sustainable agriculture, and more.

In their Sustainability section, you’ll find a variety of articles on ways to live well in our changing world: from eating locally grown food or traveling sustainably to getting involved politically or advocating for animals.

This concludes our research for the top 25 best sustainability resources. Let’s make an effort now to preserve the planet rather than waiting for a better future that may never arrive.

We hope that you discovered something wonderful in this list, even if it’s not for yourself. If not for yourself, then at least share with someone who might benefit from it! Let us know if you’ve found any excellent websites we’ve overlooked – send them to us by email.

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